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About JSWH

Welcome to the Japanese Society for Wound Healing.
The Japanese Society for Wound Healing was established as a small study group for wound healing in 1971 before becoming an academic society adopting our present name in 2000, followed by being authorized as a general incorporated association in 2013.
Our research theme covers various fields, not only the clinical medicines considered traditionally as related to wound healing but also the latest topics ranged from nursing, basic science, veterinary to pharmacy and businesses.
We take advantages of these broad ranges of our members’ specializing fields with great cooperation to achieve our goals to contribute to the development of wound healing research to apply to clinical stages.
We very much appreciate your interests to our activities and look forward to working together.


Annual Meeting

The 51st Japanese Society for Wound Healing
President: Masashi Yoshida,
Professor, Department of Surgery, International University of Health and Welfare Hospital, Tochigi, Japan


Date: November 26 (Fri.) - 28 (Sun.), 2021

Venues: Royal Hotel Nasu (Nasu, Tochigi pref.)


URL:  https://site2.convention.co.jp/jswh51/
*Please note that the language used at the congress is Japanese only unless stated.


Secretariat of the 51st Annual Meeting of JSWH
TEL +81(0) 3 3508 1214
FAX +81(0) 3 3508 1302
Email: jswh51convention.co.jp  Please input @ mark.


Upcoming Meetings
*For details of each meeting, contact JSWH as there may be changes made to the following information.

The 52nd Japanese Society for Wound Healing
President: Junko Sugama, Ph.D, RN
Director Professor, Research Center for Implementation Nursing Science Initiative,
School of Health Sciences, Fujita Health University, Aichi, Japan
Date: November 19 (Sat.) - 20 (Sun.), 2022
  More details coming soon.





President Yoshikiyo Akasaka Toho University
Director Yoshikiyo Akasaka Toho University
Kazuo Kishi Keio University
Teruo Kiyama Asaka Medical Center
Chizuko Konya Ishikawa Prefectual Nursing University
Michio Sato International Goodwill Hospital
Junko Sugama Fujita Health University
Masahiro Tachi Tohoku University
Hajime Matsumura Tokyo Medical University
Hiroshi Mizuko Juntendo University
Mitsuo Miyazawa Teikyo University Hospital, Mizoguchi
Masashi Yoshida International University of Health and Welfare
Norihito Wada Shonan Keiiku Hospital
Auditor Hiromi Sanada The University of Tokyo
Masaaki Miyamoto Nippon Medical School Hospital
Secretariat Noriko Aramaki Keio University

Trustees Shigehisa Aoki Yoshikiyo Akasaka Sadanori Akita
Kozo Akino Hirotaka Asano Noriko Aramaki
Mihoko Ishizawa Hisako Ishise Yuko Ishida
Shigeru Ichioka Hajime Inoue Masafumi Inomata
Kazuhiro Ogai Hideo Ohshima Shunsuke Ohnishi
Shinji Ohno Teiji Okazaki Keisuke Okabe
Rei Ogawa Ryugaku Kaneshiro Emi Kanno
Kazuo Kishi Yuko Kitagawa Teruo Kiyama
Teruo Kiyama Sonoko Kirinoki Kensuke Kiyokawa
Toshikazu Kondo Chizuko Konya Shizuya Saika
Shigeki Sakai Michiharu Sakamoto Michio Sato
Hiromi Sanada Hitomi Sano Mitsuo Shimada
Norio Shiraishi Ken Shirabe Junko Sugama
Gen Takagi Yoshihiro Takami Hiroya Takeuchi
Akira Takeda Masahiro Tachi Rica Tanaka
Yasuhiko Tahata Hiroto Terashi Mamiko Tosa
Yasuyoshi Tosa Gojiro Nakagami Tetsuya Nakamura
Soh Nishimoto Kyoichi Matsuzaki Hajime Matsumura
Hiroshi Mizuno Takeo Minematsu Mitsuo Miyazawa
Masaaki Miyamoto Ryoichi Mori Keigo Morinaga
Naoki Morimoto Takumi Yamane Shunsuke Yuzuriha
Hiroshi Yoshida Masashi Yoshida Junko Yotsuya
Norihito Wada    


Membership Information

Membership is Open to Anyone Who Shares Our Goals
JSWH membership is open to anyone who shares our goals for development of wound healing research. Any and all doctors, researchers of basic science or those who concern related areas, as well as healthcare professionals are eligible for our membership.

How to Apply
To join us, please contact us at info@jswh.com by Email or FAX us at +81 (0)3 3352 1054, stating clearly 1) your name, 2) contact Email address or FAX number along with 3) which category of membership (Regular member or Corporate member) you want to apply.

We will send you an application form along with instruction for payment method.

Please note that we cannot accept credit cards or debit cards.
We also require enrollment fee of 2,000 yen on top of the annual regular membership fee for the first year.

Your membership is admitted when we confirm your application form submitted as well as your payment of annual membership fee.

Our regular correspondence, annual meeting abstracts & program and newsletter published on our website are available only in Japanese.


Categories of JSWH Membership

Categories Membership Fee per year* Advantages
Regular Member 1) JPY 8,000
for WRR online only subscriber

2) JPY 12,000
for WRR online & printed copy subscriber

Please choose either of 1) or 2) above.
Enrollment fee of 2,000 yen will be required on top of the above fee for the first year.
For individuals who would like to work together.

✓ Free subscription for the bimonthly international journal “ Wound Repair and Regeneration

✓ Alert email for JSWH newsletter on the website

✓ Eligibility for applying to the JSWH Young Investigators Awards at the annual meeting
Corporate Member JPY 100,000 For business enterprises or other bodies who would like to support our activities.

✓ Free subscription for the bimonthly international journal “ Wound Repair and Regeneration

✓ Alert email for JSWH newsletter on the website

✓ Invitation to our annual meetings
*Our fiscal year is from September 1st to August 31st.

Wound Repair and Regeneration ” (WRR, IF:2.768) is an English journal published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc in USA, which is also the official magazine for Wound Healing Society, European Tissue Repair Society and Australian Wound Management Association as well as JSWH.



Cooperated Societies
Wound Healing Society
Australian Wound Management Association
European Tissue Repair Society


Supporting Society
The 5th Congress of the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS 2016)


Related Societies
Japan Surgical Society
Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
Japan Society for Innovative Techniques in Plastic Surgery
Japanese Dermatological Association
Japanese Association for Acute Medicine
Japanese Ophthalmological Society
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Japanese Society of Pathology
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Japanese Society of Wound Ostomy Continence Management

Wound Healing Center
European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel


Other links
Journal : Wound Repair and Regeneration
Judy Waterlow (Pressure Ulcer Care)


Please contact us if you want your address to link with ours.



If you have any questions about JSWH, please feel free to contact us.
*Below is for mainly membership inquiries only, and we regret that we are unable to provide any other information or data which could help individual or profit-purpose research or study.
The Japanese Society for Wound Healing
Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
School of Medicine, Keio University
35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
160-8582 Japan
Tel: +81-3-3351-4774  
Fax: +81-3-3352-1054 
E-mail is here